Quantum Jumping is a meditation and visualization technique created by 84-year-old Burt Goldman, a leader in the human consciousness movement. Quantum Jumping is a powerful way to tap into the expanded zone of awareness where ideas and inspiration flow freely.

After decades of research and personal practice Burt taken the best parts of countless mental methodologies and fused them with cutting-edge science to produce one of the most powerful programs out there.

Quantum Jumping is based on the idea that multiple universes exist. These universes are similar to the world you know in many ways. The difference is that in these universes different versions of you also exist who made different decisions at critical points in your life.

Whether you choose to take it literally or metaphorically, the truth is Quantum Jumping works and has for close to 31,000 students since its launch in 2009. Watch the video to see how Burt Goldman tapped into the concepts of Quantum physics and Napoleon Hill.