About FREE Inspiration Project

created by Better World, publishers of CARIBBEANonlinemagazine

Who hasn't looked forward to a fortune cookie at the end of a great Chinese meal?! We all agree that it's probably NOT the cookie - mostly dry and tasteless - but we eagerly smash it open to find our "FORTUNE" inside. That tiny  slip of paper with a saying - "you are very understanding and liked by all" or some such silliness. Often they strike a chord and we all share "our fortunes" around the table of friends and even slip it into our wallet for a "future smile!"

OKAY - so now we're getting to the FREE Inspiration Project part! Who needs the cookie when you can have the "FORTUNE" when whim strikes. We'll send you a FREE Inspiration Project box containing approximately 450 randomly picked affirmations and inspirational quotes.

Simply open the package, place on your counter - say like near your cash register so that when your customers are waiting for the transaction to clear they can have a FREE "moment of inspiration" that will surely put a smile on their face and a positive spin on the whole experience and possibly their day!

Absolutely FREE. We'll even place your business on our participating outlets page with a link to your site or social media page.


We hope you enjoy! John & Justine